Head Super Shape Skis Review Era 3.0 S

by Traventuria Customer Services on October 08, 2020
HEAD has launched a total of four different Supershape models.
Today we will make a short review of the new Head SuperShape Era 3.0 S skis.
It is worth emphasizing on the technologies implemented in those skis. The two main that HEAD advertise for these skis are KERS and ERA 3.0. HEAD KERS technology is inspired by Formula 1 and its focus is entirely on speed. It comes from “A kinetic energy recovery system” and it is implemented in the skis under the form of a “chip” (not like a computer chip) that stores kinetic energy caused by flexing the ski and releases this energy at the end of the turn by stiffening the tails.
The ERA 3.0 S technology
This technology can be found in a wide variety of HEAD skis. The number 3 represents the 3 technologies mixed into one: rocker, rebound and radius. The first is the rocker profile. Many skis have a rocker profile and it was generally designed and introduced first into the freeride world. The main goal of the companies from a long time was to allow the skis to turn easier and many started using it. In the ERA 3.0 ski line, the tips of the skis are rockered (have an earlier rise than normal skis). This helps for easier turning, but the tips tend to slap around more. This is where the rebound tech comes in and saves the day. The skis have fibers that crisscross along the ski. The more force that you apply, the more the fibers interlock and stiffen the ski. At low speeds this gives you a nice, forgiving nose, while at high speeds the nose stiffens up and can be plowed into the snow for more grip. This also reduces the flapping effect. The last piece of the puzzle is the extra radius at the nose of the ski, where it’s rockered. When you are skiing slow the ski will use the normal side cut, but apply extra force in the turn and the nose will start to grip the snow and that change in the side cut will be noticeable.
The Head SuperShape i.Speed are something exceptional, giving you the absolute pleasure of skiing. However, the skis are performing best on a well-groomed slopes and not that much off-piste, especially if you prefer the high-speeds. They are made for people - carving enthusiasts. It is extremely easy to make turns with them, just pressure on the tongue of the boots and a good carve is almost guaranteed. The turns are made with ease and confidence.
The Head SuperShape i.Speed skis are some of the best race skis out there. I would say that they will satisfy completely the expert skier, but definitely will be a bit of overkill for the intermediates and beginners.


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