Head Monster 88 Review

by Traventuria Customer Services on October 08, 2020
Choosing the right pair of skis for your winter vacation is one of the most important things for a flawless holiday. Each model is designed to meet certain requirements of the skier – based on the level and the type of terrain.
This time I will make an overview of the new Head Monster 88 skis. I would say, those skis are not exactly for experts, but definitely for people that are in a good shape and looking for more high-speed and aggressive runs. No matter that the type of the skis is considered all-mountain, the all-new Monster Series specializes in skis designed to go everywhere with a strong, solid grip. There aren’t big changes, compared the previous years’ model, again here we have stable skis, with a big radius, smooth edges and big grip.
Now lets take a closer look on the construction, shape and size of the skis. With a 133 mm tip, 88 mm waist, and 114 mm tail (at 177 cm), intended for equal performance on and off-piste. With its 17.4 m radius, it gives the opportunity for wide, stable turns in different conditions and terrains.
“The Graphene WC sandwich Cap construction is developed with the most sophisticated material known to man.” This is what HEAD is claiming and it definitely gives the most for ultimate performance of the skis. In combination with the extra titanal layers, those skis are offering great control and stability in off-piste riding.
Graphene is supposedly 300 times stronger than steel and only an atom thick.
As an overall, I would say the skis are a pleasure to ride. They have an exceptional ability to chop through any crud on the slope and hold a great edge. The Era 3.0 profile gives the ski a progressive turn and a tip rocker, while the graphene keeps it stiff and light.


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