HEAD Monster 83 Ti Review

by Traventuria Customer Services on December 31, 2020
The HEAD Monster series – Head Monster 108 Ti, Head Monster 98 Ti, Head Monster 88 Ti and Head Monster 83 Ti, is one collection of skis, which offers to the skier various choices as regards of the level or terrain. With each passing year, the specialists from HEAD are improving, making the skis more reinforced and lighter.


Today we will review the Head Monster 83 Ti skis. The skis, as the other Monster models, use a wood core, metal laminated construction which makes the skis very solid. Really great skis for the people that prefer the groomed slopes and at its 83mm in the waist this ski is primarily for the front side of the mountain, however it holds just fine if you decide to try them in the trees or moguls. The skis feel very stable and are providing smooth and damp skiing. The Graphene technology which is added in the tip and tail provides maximum floatation and easy rotation and as well reinforces the ski keeping it stiff and responsive, but very lightweight at the same time. The All Ride Era 3.0 rocker makes them hold up in soft snow and high speeds.

As a conclusion - The Monster 83 Ti is ready for some fun on the mountain. This all-ride ski shares your ambitions: on any terrain. Ski on and off-piste as if on rails. This is a ski born to deliver high speed with a longer radius. If you are planning your next adventure on the slopes, this has to be the skis for you!


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