Atomic Redster series review

by Traventuria Customer Services on March 18, 2021
Atomic is one of the top-brands for ski and winter equipment since 1955. During the years Atomic has changed its products quite a lot by adding new technologies. Today Atomic manufactures around 600,000 pairs of skis per year.
The Redster series are race inspired skis, which are powerful and designed to ensure stability on the slopes on a different terrain and conditions. There are several different models and each of them has its specifications depending on the needs and the style of the skier.
Here are several models from the Redster series.



Atomic Redster G9 is the supercharged sports car of our Redster range. It’s created for the piste but packed with World Cup approved race tech. Like Servotec. Basically power steering for your skis, a pre-stressed Servotec rod and elastomer helps the ski steer at all speeds. More agile in turns, more stable on straights. The thicker, stronger Ultra Titanium Powered laminate – previously only available for FIS skis – runs from sidewall to sidewall for more stability, torsional rigidity, and edge grip. These two features combine for precision control and stability you need, whether you’re keeping your foot down on the race course, or going for big, long turns when piste skiing.


Atomic Redster FIS Doubledeck GS is a super agile ski for tight slalom-style turns on piste – whether you’re racing or training. It features a Race Interface used by our World Cup racers: a special plate under the binding that creates a lower stand height, generating precise steering and max edge grip on hard snow. Doubledeck technology delivers advanced shock absorption, killer acceleration and easier turn initiation. Then for tight turns it has a short radius, and inside you’ve got a Power Woodcore and titanium inserts. Ultra-quick and precise, with perfect handling.



The Atomic Redster SL is a high powered ski for aggressive racers or groomer skiers looking for power, energy and rebound while making tight carves. Atomic's Construction has a free sliding structure on top of the ski that absorbs vibrations, adds stability and eases turn initiation. A Tapered Sidewall is thicker towards the back of the ski to help you accelerate into your next turn. The Race Interface has a low stand height that deliver maximum edge hold and precise steering when you are flying through the gates or just bouncing your hip off the snow.
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