10 Intriguing facts about skiing

by Traventuria Customer Services on November 05, 2020

Skiing is your favorite sport? Have you ever thought from where it originates? Check out those interesting and intriguing facts!


  • Where it all started?

The word ‘ski’ comes from the Norwegian word skíð which literal translation means ‘piece of wood.’ The oldest documented evidence of skiing is found in the region of Norway and Sweden from primitive carvings dating back to 5000 B.C. Until the 1800’s skiing was primarily used only for transport, it was after the turn of the 18th century that it became a recreational sport.


  • It was used…in the army

Norway was the first country to have a specialized ski unit in their army – for bonus points, did you know it was first established in 1721? Since then many armies have taken on a specialist ski unit for use in snowy climates.


  • Is it dangerous?

According to figures from the National Ski Areas Association, the chance of having a serious accident resulting in a fatality is 1 in every million visits. That is an astronomically small percentage of ski related deaths and the chance of having a serious accident is a very similar figure.


  • Which is the most difficult slope?

According to competitive skiers, the course at Kitzbühel in Tyrol, Austria is the most challenging slope in the world. For most skiers, just getting to the bottom of the course is considered one of the highest achievements in the sport.


  • Fast and furious on a ski?

Skiing is one of the fastest non-motorized sports on land. Skiers can ski faster than a car and this was proven by Simone Origone in 2006 that set a world speed skiing record at 156.2 miles per hour compared to the speed of road cars at 120 miles per hour.


  • Sherlock Holmes' creator

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the man who introduced skiing to Switzerland. After returning from one of his ski trips in Norway, he brought with him some skis as he felt Switzerland had the perfect terrain for it. He was also, according to the Telegraph, the first Englishman to write of the thrill of skiing, saying it took you “as near to flying as any earthbound man can”.


  • Ski resorts

There are around 80 countries that have some form of ski area available. In this list of countries are ones that you may not have even thought about for skiing, including Spain and Australia.


  • What about the snowboard? Or we should call it a “snurfer”?

In 1965, Sherman Poppen from Michigan, in America, made a snowboard for his daughter by binding two skis together to create a sort of skateboard without wheels. He called it a “snurfer” – or a surfboard to use on snow. About a million “snurfers”, which were steered with a handheld rope and had no bindings, were sold over the next 10 years.


  • First time on the Oliympics

Alpine skiing made its first debut in the Winter Olympics of 1936 and German born Franz Pfnür became the first man to win the gold medal in the championship.


  • Skiing means happiness!

When skiing, endorphins are released giving you an adrenaline rush and creating feelings of happiness. This means that you can spend days and days on the slopes and still leave with a big smile on your face. On top of that skiing for an hour can burn 250-400 calories!


That's why don't hesitate, choose you new pair of skis and plan your next ski holiday now!
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